fredag, april 28, 2006

Just for the sake of art

Just for the sake of art, I have decided to write this blogpost in english. It will only be this post. No other post to come will ever be in english. Therefore I will also only accept comments in english. And since I already have laid this burden on myself, I will delete comments in any other language. Eccept German. This is just a warning to my faithful readers so you won't think that I've gone completely mental (although I might have actually).

One should think I would have something better to do, than to sit up at 1 a.m. posting new crap to my blog. And I do. "But why do something today, that you might postpone till tomorrow?" The words belongs to the genius cat, Garfield (the one represented in the cartoons, NOT the movie). He has become the icon on laziness itself. Although if anyone should ever take over that throne, it would be me. And now I'm just realizing that whatever I write here will never be useful to anyone, anywhere. So why keep writing? Because it amuses me.

I am, of course, realizing that this is only amusing to myself. I cannot understand why anyone but me should find it entertaining. But that's just a part of the charm, isn't it? And who would have thought that anyone would ever post a comment on this redicoulus blog? Not me.

And so we move forward to todays "Million Dollar Quiz"

1. Name 5 people who have played Batman on film.
2. What is Wolverines real name?
3. Who played in all three of these movies: Duck you Sucker, The Magnificent Seven and Pat Garret & Billy the Kid
4. Send an SMS to me and tell me that you love me (not really a question, but it'll make my day :D)
5. Kiss your mother (on the cheek obviously)

The person who can overcome all of these impossible tasks, will recieve the Holy Grail (or parts of it). If it turns out that the Holy Grail is out of order you will only get a smile from me. But I don't suppose that matters to you, you little gnome.

Well I guess that about covers what I had on my mind tonight.

Good night and good luck

14 kommentarer:

Arild sa...


nice post.. i don`t want to answer the quiz.. but i`ve sent you a SMS.

PS. read everything with a british-english acsent.. it`s fun.. :p

Thomas sa...


Wie getz?
Gestern ich eine test in deutch hatte.
Ich spreche nicht gut deutch.
Aber Philip sprecht gut deutch. Wir hatten mobilcontakten...

Ich libe dich!

Auf Widersen!

Anonym sa...

aus, bei, mit, nach, seit, von, zu.
an, auf, hinter, in, neben, uber, unter.
duch, fur, gegen, ohne ,um.

danke schøn.

Bjørnar sa...

Liebe Mariann! Sie haben doch "vor" und "zwischen" nachher "an, auf, hinter, in, neben, über, unter" vergesst. Und Sie, meinen grossen Freund Günter, die verlorenen Goldfische, haben das Wort "although" falsch buchstabiert. Es gibt nämlich nicht zwei vom Buchstab "L" im Wort "although". Es gibt gerade eins "L". Ausgenommen von das, liebe ich Ihr Englisch. Aber selbstverständlich liebe ich dich sogar mehr!

Anonym sa...

Liebe Bjørnar.
Ich habe gehatten deutch in drei jahre.
Ich bin sehr gut i deuthen gramatikken, und ich behøven nicht geretting auf dem, Bjørnar.

Habe eine fine dagen!

Arild sa...

Only use english and german language in here, please!
Can`t speak german, so i`m just saying this in english!
Good night and farewell..

Leiv Magnus sa...

Yes. I'm sorry to tell that the comment in norwegian was deleted. I'm also surprised that no one has answered my quiz. Bastards.

Anonym sa...

Ich wünsche dich, oder solle ich dir sage(ich hade keine Anung) eine Schöne Tag.

Mit freundlichen Grüsse von mich(oder solle ich dir sage, weil ich keine Anung habe) :-)

Leiv Magnus sa...

I don't really understand german. It's just a cool, grotesque language. On the other hand, I did manage to interpret that my good friend Bears wanted me to know that there was just one L in the word "although".

Bjørnar sa...

Entschuldigung, Marianne, dass ich deinem Post kritisiert habe. Und Günther, jetzt sehe ich, dass ich "Günther" falsch buchstabiert habe. Ich habe die nette Buchstabe "H" vergesst. Entschuldigung. Ich hoffe, dass Sie mir verzeihen kann.

Leiv Magnus sa...

Just for fun I will now give you the answers for the first 3 questions of my quiz (the other 2 you have to find out yourselves):
1. Robert Lowery, Adam West, Michael Keaton, Kevin Conroy, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale (pick 5 of them)
2. Logan is Wolverines real name.
3. James Coburn

totliii sa...

I laugh my brains out of you baby!

Anonym sa...

Guten abend.

Eigentlich wollte ich hier jetzt die erste deutsche zurückmeldung geben. Als ich endeckt habe das viele hier schon deutsch geschrieben haben, hat mein reines arisches herz sich ser gefreut. Leider nicht lange. Das deutsch das hier geschrieben ist is fürchtbar. Ja, sogar zum kotzen. Ich finde es sehr traurig das so eine schöne sprache so respektlos gebraucht wird. Ir seid eure weisse haut nicht würdig. Eure zeitformen und nominativen kasuse sind wie die jüden in 1930; überall, nutzlos und im weg. Aber ich werde schon aufräumen. Ich werde abräumen! ORDNUNG MUSS SEIN!!

Shönen abend noch.

Jamie Glisson doin' Asia sa...

glad to see that you're using your time wisely. the english is a nice touch. guess you're showing off a bit, hm? at any rate, my english isn't very good, so i won't write much longer. just wanted to remind you that you are a champion. and we're watching wedding crashers this summer, just so you know. bye, barf face.